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FAQs and Documents

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This Knowledge Base includes steps to check company compliance, search for and edit employees, run reports on competencies or work hours, and create users, among other helpful tips.

The Business Rules specify the requirements of the documents you upload in the system. Ensuring your documents meet these requirements will save time and have your workers approved faster.

Frequently asked questions

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Where do I register in the system?

Where you register in the Lendlease Site Orientation and Access Management System depends on the project you are registering to work on.

Visit the Find My Lendlease Project page to find details about your project, including a link to the correct system to register your business and employees.

Which Lendlease projects require subcontractor registration?

Lendlease will be rolling out the Site Orientation and Access Management System across their projects. Visit Find My Lendlease Project for a current list of projects requiring subcontractor registration.

How much does subcontractor registration cost?

Costs to register in the Lendlease Site Orientation and Access Management System depend on the project. Some projects are at no cost to subcontractors.

Visit the specific project page for details about any costs.

What benefit does the Site Orientation and Access Management System have for my company?

Registration ensures your company and employees are qualified to work on Lendlease projects. It allows you to keep your company information up to date in one place online, and to ensure the qualifications and competencies of your employees to work for Lendlease.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the system?

You can contact the Pegasus team for help and guidance in the system. Visit the Contact Us page for details.

Where do I find the Lendlease Building Orientation Part A Induction?

To carry out any physical works on a Lendlease site, you must first complete the Building Orientation Part A Induction.

Please follow this link to find the induction >>

Lendlease recommends using the Google Chrome internet browser to complete this induction. If you don’t have Chrome installed please download it.

Once completed, you will be required to upload the Certificate of Completion when prompted in the Site Orientation and Access Management System. For questions about this induction, please speak to your Lendlease site contact.

What’s the difference between the SOAM System and the Worker Portal?

The Site Orientation and Access Management System is where Lendlease contracting companies will register their business and employees to work on certain Lendlease projects. Visit Find My Lendlease Project to find details and the correct system link depending on your project.

For some Lendlease projects, workers will be given access by their administrator to the Worker Portal, where they can edit their own personal information, add work roles, update competencies, and upload any required licences. Visit Lendlease Worker Portal to learn more about this portal.