Wells Crossing to Glenugie (WC2G) Project

Wells Crossing to Glenugie (WC2G) Project Registration

Registration for this project will be completed in Lendlease Site Access and will require the following:

  • All workers must complete the online safety module (GMR 4 – Delivery)
  • Registration of your company and workers in the system
  • Assigning the relevant roles to your worker profiles

The purpose of Lendlease Site Access is to:

  • Ensure only authorised workers have access to the Wells Crossing to Glenugie project
  • Easily identify who is on site at any time
  • Validate worker competencies
  • Manage emergency evacuation

We suggest you read through the steps below before you get started, and allow time to source and upload the information about your employees who will work on the project. A nominated administrator from your business will be required to complete the steps below.

Please note: you should only follow the compliance process if you have been requested to. Please ensure you have selected the correct project or site to avoid delays in your approval.

User guides with screenshots can be found on the FAQs and Documents page.

Let’s get started!

Step 1 > Workers complete online Lendlease safety module

Start by booking your workers into the GMR Passport – Stream 5 online safety module.

Once you click the button below, you will be taken to an online learning platform where you select register to create each worker profile (username and password) for individual access to the online learning portal. Once each worker has been added they will receive an email with their details to login and complete the online safety module.

Workers must successfully complete this online module and supply you with the digital certificate they receive on completion. You will need to upload a copy of the certificate in Site Access later in this process.

It is recommended to use the Google Chrome internet browser to complete this online module.

Step 2 > Register your business or login to Lendlease Site Access

Click the button above to go to the system if you need to register your business. If you already have an account, then click Back to login above Business Details Registration. Login to register your workers/add the correct roles to existing workers (next step).

To register a new account:

> Start by selecting the country your business operates in, and then search for your ABN

> Enter contact details, including email and business address and phone number

> Select Request Registration to have the business registration verified and be emailed login details

The next steps are to add your workers so Pegasus can verify their compliance to work on this project.

Step 3 > Add workers

Now your business is registered, you can login and add your workers in the system. You’ll start by selecting Manage Roles and then Add New Employee. From here you can enter and save their personal contact details, address, phone and email.

Step 4 > Pay for worker registration, access card and eCard

With your workers entered in the system, you can pay for their registration and order their ID cards to work on Wells Crossing to Glenugie project.

Worker registration costs $40 + GST per person which includes the management of roles, verification of documents, supply of card (plastic and eCard) and first year’s subscription. Annual subscription renewal costs $20 + GST per person, and replacement cards are $20 + GST. A tax invoice will be supplied on payment.

Step 5 > Add site and worker roles, and upload documents

With your workers now registered in the system, the next step is to select each worker’s name, select Add Site and choose the ‘Wells Crossing to Glenugie’ site. Select Add New Role and choose two roles per worker:

1: the role labelled 41. Wells Crossing to Glenugie (WC2G).

2: It is also mandatory to choose the trade or task role the worker was recruited for on this project (e.g. operator – excavator, electrician, etc.). Please ensure the role you select has a prefix of LL Eng.

It is recommended you select any additional roles the worker is competent to deliver. This provides transparency of any additional capabilities, where the project could utilise those skills or knowledge at a later date.

Your selections here will determine the competency documents (e.g. licenses, qualifications or Statement of Attainments) you will be required to upload in the system. These documents are required as evidence to demonstrate that each worker has the capability to perform the chosen role/s and tasks you have selected. You will also be required to upload each worker’s online safety module certificate, which they must provide you at the beginning of this process (Step 1).

Each worker will be emailed a link to complete the online Wells Crossing to Glenugie Worker Induction Record, which is sent as part of role registration.

Pegasus validates documents and applies roles

Pegasus will validate the documents you have uploaded for your workers during registration. Please note verification may take up to three days.

If there are any issues with the documents provided, Pegasus will send an email asking you to resubmit your documentation. If the required documentation is not provided, the worker will not be approved to perform that particular role on the project.

Upon document approval, the roles will be applied to your workers in the system and their access ID cards printed and sent to site, where they will be collected by each worker following their site induction. eCards will be sent directly to the worker’s mobile phone number, but will not provide access to site until all registration steps have been completed above.

It is important that you keep your company and worker details up to date. Pegasus will email you when your worker’s documents are due to expire and need renewing, so you can update them in the system and keep your workers compliant.